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Jinzhou Hannah won the City High Quality Development Award
On May 16, the "Conference on Promoting High-quality Industrial Development and Industrial Economy Work in the City" was held to commend the five award-winning industrial projects and outstanding enterprises contributing to the steady growth of industry in our city, and to award the first batch of 15 high-quality development demonstration enterprises.
Jinzhou Hanna ushered in Nanjing Mazda-Cai Exchange Talks
From April 15 to April 18, the head of Purchasing Department of Nanjing Mazda Automobile Company had a four-day technical exchange with relevant marketing, technology and quality personnel of our company. The visit and exchanges were mainly centered on the new cooperation projects between the two sides.
Three (member) congresses of Jinzhou auto parts industry were held smoothly.
On June 22, the Third Congress of workers (members) of Jinzhou Auto Parts Trade Union Federation was held smoothly on the 9th floor of Jinzhou Songshan New District Management Committee. Nine industry leaders, including He Yougang, member of the CPC Group of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and Director of Economic Examination and Administration, Xiao Jia, Secretary-General of Jinzhou Automotive Parts Industry Chamber of Commerce, and 69 staff representatives attended the meeting. The conference was presided over by Li Na, chairman of Jinzhou Auto Parts Trade Union Federation and Jinzhou Hannah Trade Union.