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Jinzhou Hanna ushered in Nanjing Mazda-Cai Exchange Talks
Upload Time:2021-01-07

  From April 15 to April 18, the head of Purchasing Department of Nanjing Mazda Automobile Company had a four-day technical exchange with relevant marketing, technology and quality personnel of our company. The visit and exchanges were mainly centered on the new cooperation projects between the two sides. Customers have a thorough understanding of the new and old factories of Hannah Electric Machinery and the production line, equipment, factory environment of Hanhua Electric Equipment. After the visit, I had cordial talks with General Manager Liu Yongdong and Deputy General Manager Wang Yufeng, and praised our production, quality assurance, logistics and other links, and gave a high evaluation. At the same time, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for our warm reception.

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  As a new automobile manufacturer in 2017, Nanjing Mazda has a very high position in the industry. Its CX series, Onksella series, the main models are CX3, CX5, Onksella and other five series of 27 models are currently the hottest in the industry. Entering the supply system of Nanjing Mazda is not only the development of another new customer of our company, but also an important step towards Japanese automobile enterprises in the future. It is also our company's product, technology and service level in the industry has been recognized by more and more manufacturers with different backgrounds. The success of this exchange also shows the high-end technical strength, efficient production equipment and huge production scale of Hanna Motor to Nanjing Mazda. Let customers rest assured that the use of our products, in the future to give our company more matching opportunities.
  Visitors from Mazda in Nanjing also put forward a lot of guidance and suggestions for Hanna Electric Machinery, hoping to learn from each other and guide each other in future cooperation. We have expressed great confidence in the future cooperation and development between Nanjing Mazda and Jinzhou Hanna Electric Machinery, and hope to work with our company to create better quality products for China's automobile manufacturing industry.