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Three (member) congresses of Jinzhou auto parts industry were held smoothly.
Upload Time:2021-01-07

  On June 22, the Third Congress of workers (members) of Jinzhou Auto Parts Trade Union Federation was held smoothly on the 9th floor of Jinzhou Songshan New District Management Committee. Nine industry leaders, including He Yougang, member of the CPC Group of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and Director of Economic Examination and Administration, Xiao Jia, Secretary-General of Jinzhou Automotive Parts Industry Chamber of Commerce, and 69 staff representatives attended the meeting. The conference was presided over by Li Na, chairman of Jinzhou Auto Parts Trade Union Federation and Jinzhou Hannah Trade Union.

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  The meeting was officially opened in the grand voice of the National Anthem. At the meeting, the delegates listened carefully to the report on the work of the association made by Xiao Jia, Secretary-General of the Chamber of Commerce of Automotive Parts Industry. Subsequently, the "collective bargaining contract for wages in automotive parts industry" was heard and voted, and seven representatives of the workers in collective bargaining for wages in automotive parts industry in 2019 were elected. The delegates adopted the Resolution of the Workers'Congress by raising their hands.
  At the congress, the delegates listened carefully to and adopted the work report made by Li Na on behalf of Jinzhou Auto Parts Trade Union Federation. The conference closed in the magnificent "International Song". During the conference, the agenda and tasks were successfully completed and the desired objectives were achieved.