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Development History
· March 1996:The company was founded, with South Korea Wandu joint venture factory(Share ratio:50%:50%)
· April 1997:The company began mass production in the first year, with an annual output of 970000 sets
· October 1998Successfully passed ISO-9001 series certification
· October 2002:Successfully passed ISO-9001 series certification
· August 2003:Wande Group acquired 50% equity of South Korea Wandu
· November 2004:The company introduces the technology and process of Mitsubishi Electric from Japan
· December 2006:After years of development, China's automotive electronics market ranked second
· May 2007:Successfully obtained ISO-14001 environmental system certification
· July 2007:The second factory of the company has been completed and put into mass production, with a production capacity of 7.31 million units
· Since 2007:High tech Enterprises
· January 2010:The company has successfully passed the ISO / IEC17025 national testing center system certification
· November 2011:Development and completion of start stop starter / 72 slot generator
· October 2014:The company successfully passed OHSAS18001 safety system certification
· April 2015:Start stop starter and 72 slot generator enter mass production stage
· October 2016:A new plant with a capacity of 15 million units was completed and started in the same year, and multi tank / high efficiency / low noise / lightweight products were developed and completed
· May 2017: introduce intelligent factory construction project, with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan, covering an area of 500 mu, to build an industrial park integrating R & D, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing and distribution of automobile generator, starter, micro motor, automobile electronic products and related parts. And won the national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise.
· November 2017: the company officially launched the market development and technology development of new energy products, with the vision of "committed to becoming a world leading automotive electrification & intelligent system service provider" and the mission of "making energy conversion more efficient and environmentally friendly; making people drive more easily and keeping cars more simple", fully opening the road of transformation and upgrading of the company; in the same month, 84 slots were launched with high efficiency The motor enters the stage of mass production.
· July 2018: won the title of national enterprise technology center;
· November 2018: Volkswagen and BMW won the bid, laying a good foundation for the development of the company's products in the high-end car market
· September 2019: GAC won the bid; November 2019: Hannah successfully entered the Ford supplier system
· December 2019: the relocation is completed, and all four enterprises of Hannah system will live in Wande Industrial Park